Ór Real Irish Butter - Our Story.

At North Cork Creameries, the home of Ór Real Irish Butter, not much changes on a day to day basis and we are OK with that. We know that when things are done right there is no real need for change. The secret of Ór Real Irish Butter is simple really - we source our milk from certified grass fed cows, all located close to our creamery.

We work with farmers we know best and whose families’ have been supplying milk to us for generations. This gives us full control over the quality of our milk that goes into Ór Real Irish Butter.

We are lucky that home for us is Kanturk - a very special place in North Cork, in the shadow of Kanturk Castle & nestled along the banks of the River Blackwater. Our location is unique, North Cork with it’s rainfall and soil profile is excellently placed to produce the finest of milk from grass fed cows which our generations of tradition and expertise helps to turn into the finest butter. We know our farmers and their farms and with our values and culture we can maintain the highest quality butter using traditional methods but to modern standards.

This results in Ór Real Irish Butter being reassuringly tasty, traditionally churned unadulterated butter.

North Cork Creameries is a farmer owned cooperative established back in 1928. We thrive on tradition and use the production method of slow churning. Our Master Butter Makers live and breathe butter. Their job is to select only the finest of local milk and separate this into the creamy goodness at the heart of Ór Real Irish Butter. Their mission is to ensure that anyone who tastes our butter is getting the very best of creamy butter from our traditional methods.

We are close to the earth and land and believe in sustainable farming. We know that happy farmers have happy cows - producing the highest quality milk which allows us to create Ór Real Irish Butter. We believe in giving back to the land and the people who work the land. Our mission is goodness, tradition and quality in everything we do and to minimise impact on the environment and to support the local community. We recognise that our farmers, their families and our locality are all part of what makes Ór Real Irish butter special.

“Nothing Tastes Better than Natural”