Support Local

Support Local

“It takes a village to raise a child - and similarly it takes a great local community to produce great tasting Ór Real Irish Butter”.

North Cork Creameries has been a part of Kanturk and surrounding areas community since 1928. As a cooperative ourselves we understand the importance & value of a strong local sense of community. We believe in giving back and supporting the common values that define us as a group.

Support Local

Our giving back culture is as wide & varied as our local community itself. As we have been around for a while - we are proud to have supported many great organisations over the years within the community to do amazing work in sports, health, education and local community initiatives.

People say that in Ireland everyone knows everyone - and as a nation we are proud of our ability to connect with others! This is especially true in Kanturk & North Cork. In North Cork Creameries - home of Ór Real Irish Butter - we take pride in connecting & supporting the local community - because we are the local community. Our team & suppliers at North Cork Creameries as well as being valued crafted butter makers - are also parents, family members, sports men & women, artists, musicians and make Kanturk a great place to live and work.

Any farmer knows that if you mind a cow the cow will mind you! At North Cork Creameries - home of Ór Real Irish Butter we know the same to be true for the local area. We are privileged to partner with great local groups and initiatives such as Duhallow GAA Club. Nothing gives us more pride than to see our future and current sports heroes refuel with our award winning milk at half time and to reflect our community values on the pitch.

“North Cork Creameries - home of Ór Real Irish Butter proud winners of the overall national Gold Q Award for butter at the Irish Quality Food Awards.”